Natural Water Purification throughout the whole home

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Water Purification, Natural Water Purifier | Crystal Flow™ Water Purification, Natural Water Purifier The whole house water purification system that kills 99,99% of all bacteria and viruses, without removing vital minerals.
Water Purification, Natural Water Purifier

HOME FLOW Water Purifier

Ideal for the purification of water at point-of-entry for family houses, flats, cottages, chalets, etc. The unit purifies water using a three-stage filtration system, which includes a sediment filter, activated carbon filter and a germicidal Ultra Violet light.

BIG HOME FLOW Water Purifier

Ideal for the purification of water at point-of-entry for large family homes, guest houses, schools, clinics, etc.

CARTRIDGES for Water Purifier

Crystal Flow™ Pre-Filter cartridges remove suspended solids (sediments) to 20 micron. It is made of polypropylene by spun-bond technology, is resistant to bacteria attack and features excellent depth filtration due to it's high and uniform porosity.


All Crystal Flow™ UV-reactors are made from food grade stainless steel.
Because they do not require a quartz sleeve around the Ultra Violet light they are ultra-efficient and self cleaning.


"We have been using your UV water purifier system for over a year now and the system has proven to be extremely effective and reliable. I have had the water, which has gone through your system tested by SABS in accordance with their bottling water standards, and the result was that this standard was met."
J.K. Four C’s Mineral Water, Cullinan.

Crystal Flow™ Systems

Preserve the natural chemical and physical properties of the treated water

> Are environmentally friendly and highly economical

> Are simple to install and operate - there is no need for skilled or specialised personnel

> Are of outstanding quality & performance

> Puts you in control over the quality of your entire water supply!


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